Floating effortlessly as you become hypnotised by the bright corals at the depths of the sea. 
Your curiosity edges you to look closer and closer to the alien like living organisms which light up the ocean walls.
It’s like another planet, decorated with such intricate detail.
As you look further beyond the surface of the radiating objects, your eyes adjust and begin to reveal another layer of beauty.
Small eyes and mouths appear amongst the swaying/dancing/breathing coral.
Creatures hiding so well camouflaged, blending in with their surroundings in order to hide from their superior predator in the food chain.
So fascinated by the beauty, you loose all perception of time.
Checking your regulator activates the thought that you don’t want this dream like state to end.
Your body and mind are both in a unique state of slow motion, a rare feeling that will be quick to evaporate once your skin dries.
Cherishing every breath as you preserve the images of your encounters in your memory. 
As the time comes to resurface, you could picture a mermaid emerging, gracefully gliding through an archway with her long lush locks swaying amongst the weed beds as she attempts to lure you away.
You invite the thought in, to drift further into the depths of the unknown, never to resurface again.
Or perhaps your overwhelming feeling of contentment becomes increased as you edge closer to the moment you can share your encounters with your fellow underwater astronauts.
How do you explain such beauty you wonder…
You can only see it to believe it!

Author: brunopenner

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