The preparation of breath before you dive down, you take the last gasp while your body kicks off, slowly descending to conserve your energy. You reach the bottom and assess your surroundings, waiting still staring into the distant unknown.
Then the search begins in caves, cracks and crevices. Keeping yourself calm as your thoughts drift off as they become amerced in the beauty of the glowing corals.
Your eyes peering over the tip of the spear shaft as you scout around.
You spot it and the heart rate increases. Then it spots you. Eye to eye, floating still for what seems like an eternity as you line it up. The tingling impulse of adrenaline runs through your veins as every sence of feeling becomes heightened.
Waiting one more split second to make sure you have a direct line of site.
You squeeze the trigger and the fight begins as you hold on with an unbreakable grip.
Endorphins are pumping through your body and the ascent back to the surface seems so far away.
You start to question if you have the capacity to make it back to the surface.
The interest of other aquatic animals begin to appear from the dark shadows. Lurking in the distance then become curious and edge closer as they are now aware of a potentially easy feed.
You pull faster, kick harder, reach further as you gulp down the last pocket of oxygen then looking up one last time to see the suns shimmering light breach through the waters surface.
An explosion erupts as you hit top water and rapidly push the liquid from your snorkel in order to suck in your first breath of fresh air.
The fight continues as you manoeuvre your way back to safety and defend your catch from any unwanted predators.
It’s within arms reach and the water becomes murky as you finally grip hold of your prize and ensure it’s instant relief.
You did it, a cheer of empowering joy which echoes over the waves.
That glorious feeling, knowing your primitive powers have just displayed the ultimate defeating your prey. By carefully selecting your feed to ensure the sustainable ecosystem remains plentiful for the next attack. sustainable ? 
The chase is exhilarating.

Author: brunopenner

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