I have travelled to some of the most untouched parts of our land and seas.

The wind whips over your face as your eyes skim across the surface of the silky calm waters.
Your gaze glides a long the horizon as you scout for any obstacles in you path way.
Your ears tweak to the noise of the waters spray as it peels away from the hull like cutting through glass.
Gentle jolts are sent through your body from the odd wave that begins to wake you from your sleepy state due to the alarm that interrupted your pleasant dreams.
Woken at such a nearly hour in order to see first light and make the most of the tantalising conditions before that last morning sea breeze kicks in.

The throttle is edged forward picking up speed to fast forward time in order to reach the desired destination.
The engine rumbles as the pure power increases, the kinetic energy swirling the water to create enough force to push the weight of the object its designed to move.

As the sun peers over the horizon like an erupting volcano, the sky lights up in an array of colours. 
A big sigh is released as you soak in the serenity.
Navigating straight towards it you feel a sense of freedom driving to the edge of the world.
​As you glance back at the mainland you can see the sun beaming radiant colours off every rock formation.
Light glistening off the ripples of the water.
​Seeing the land from a whole different perspective gives you a warm feeling of appreciation.

Author: brunopenner

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