As you sit working, dining, driving, watching.
Take a moment to stop!
Take a moment… Sip some water then prepare your mind to escape your current reality.
Now remind yourself of that feeling…
That feeling you get when you’re free from all the weight you carry on your shoulders.
Free from the unnecessary noise filling your thoughts.
Let it all go! 

Close your eyes.
Now envisage yourself…
Gently opening your eyes, in the place that for fills every inch of your being.
Remember the feeling you get when you take deep breaths of fresh, cool air as it trickles down the back of your throat.
Spare a minute to feel the soft breeze of wind on your skin.
Slowly look around then take another deep breath whilst looking up at the sky.
Feel that moment…
Appreciate every minuscule microsecond of that moment as you prepare yourself for what comes next… 

Blink your eyes and you are there.
It’s about to happen…
Your body is flushed with adrenaline as you for see the exhilaration that’s about to take over your body.
Then you feel it…
The dive, into the deep blue sea.  
The moment you come eye to eye with the most incredible animals of the ocean. 
The floating sensation when in the depths of the seas like an underwater astronaut. 
The sound of the drag and the weight of the strike when you hit that dream catch. 
Feeling the spray on your face from the waves crashing in the distance as you paddle closer towards them.
Or flying through the sky with a bird eye view of nature in all forms.
Now hold that thought…
Use those guided sensations to help lead you to your next adventure in nature. 

Author: brunopenner

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