That noise you have dreams about…
That noise that sends tingles down your spine…
That noise that gets your blood pumping, your body jumping and your mind thumping. 

​Your patients has finally payed off.
The moment you have anticipated.
The moment you replay in your dreams so so many times.
​Sometimes it takes you by surprise but sometimes, you see it coming.
The water peeling apart as the dorsal fin breaches through the surface of the water.
Then one last big pump of the tail trailing behind the body in order to launch fiercely at the shimmering illusion which appears to be a tasty treat.
Your heart skips a beat as you watch so intently with anticipation.
The water erupts as the strike hits and you get a glimpse of your potential prize. 
The exciting yell announcing the hookup.
That noise of the drag peeling line from the spool.
Your body kicks into gear and within a split second you reach for the rod. 
With so much adrenaline, you set the hook harder than imaged as you realise your dream is no longer a vivid memory but a reality.
Leaning back with all your weight trying to counter balance the beast at the opposite end of the line.
Your smile beaming from cheek to cheek as you admire the bend in the rod.
An unbreakable grip is holding the reel as you manage to edge one turn of the handle before the next run takes off like the speed of a bullet being fired from a gun. 
That noise rips through your body as you tense every muscle in order to remain on your feet.
Finally you have your chance to get back some ground. Pumping and winding so rapidly that the biceps begin to fatigue quicker than expected.
The battle continues back and forth, pulling and being pulled like a riveting game of tug of war.

Beads of sweat begin trickling down your face and your energy begins to tire.
Come onnnn you scream as you have one last burst of energy.
The shimmer appears and a sense of relief slightly relaxes your limbs.
Just a few more pumps using every bit of weight to heave the rod tip up.
Finally, there it is!
You admire the colours reflecting a shimmer of the sun as you latch onto your prize.
The cheering screams echo across the glassy waves as cracking high fives connect in the air.
Fascinated by the electric colours so incredibly positioned beneath the slimy scaly skin.
Defeat, success, complete!
Rest easy and let the dreams begin, until next endeavour!

Author: brunopenner

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